Helping to prepare your mind and body for
a positive and empowering birth experience

What will you learn?

  • The physiology of birth, how the female body is beautifully designed for childbirth and if supported, will work smoothly and easily.

  • How to recognise and release fears you have surrounding birth.

  • The important and special role of the birth partner.

  • How to reach a state of deep relaxation in pregnancy and childbirth.

  • An endorphin releasing, pain relieving massage technique.

  • Breathing techniques, positions, and how to create a calm birthing environment.

  • Options and preferences for birth, your rights, and how to communicate well with caregivers.

  • You will also receive The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves, a course guide, relaxation MP3s, and continuing support throughout your pregnancy.


Prices and course structure

I offer both private and group classes. Both are a complete KGHypnobirthing course, taught over 12 hours.

Private classes are flexible and can be taught at my house or yours at times that suit.

Group classes are taught from my house in Bath (Weston) over four sessions (2-4 couples per class). Please contact me for group class dates.

Group sessions: £295 per couple
Private sessions: £390 per couple (price subject to location)

Around 20 weeks pregnant is a good time to start so you have plenty of time to practice. However, if you wish to start earlier, or you are over 36 weeks but still wish to do the course, please contact me as soon as possible.

Learning Hypnobirthing from someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Jenny is a valuable experience. My partner and I gained priceless insight into how we both could prepare for our birth.Jenny clearly loves what she does. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her knowledge helped change the way I think about the birth process. Something I was initially terrified of became a magical experience to look forward to!
— Jessica, mum of Elliott